Be(auty) conscious


According to BAKEL, beauty has not to be identified with perfection but with the concept of authenticity. It is deeply linked to the psycho-physical well-being of individuals, who, through a journey of self-acceptance and self-love, have learned to appreciate themselves at all ages and to be promoters of simple, non-artificial beauty. The result is a well-groomed and healthy skin, obtained with products that act against the mechanisms responsible for skin ageing, slowing down its effects and meeting every single need.

Beauty is made of
health, expressiviness
and consciousness

Raffaella Gregoris, Founder


BAKEL is committed to encouraging people to make conscious choices. Making conscious choices in the cosmetic field means enhancing our uniqueness and our nature, respecting the environment around us. This process of inner awareness is strongly linked to research and information on cosmetic products used in our beauty routine: from clean, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients to the choice of using sustainable, effective, transparent and safe products. As a consequence, it becomes of fundamental importance to live in a conscious and socially ethical way, with the aim of promoting healthy beauty in a healthy environment.


A play on words, “BE CONSCIOUS” in consonance with “BEAUTY CONSCIOUS”, confirms BAKEL's prerogative to promote a concept of authentic beauty, free from preconceptions of age, gender and skin color. Coherence and inclusiveness to break down any kind of prejudice. "Developing a new concept of conscious beauty is what we want to achieve in BAKEL" confirms Raffaella Gregoris - founder of the brand, who from the beginning is committed to creating clean cosmetics. “We want to affirm the concept of beauty that has not to be identified with perfection, but with the awareness of appreciating our own aesthetics at any age and in any condition. A real beauty, without masks or artifices, based on principles of health, expressiveness and awareness ».

BAKEL is commited to promote authentic beauty
through advanced clean beauty skincare
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