During her studies to create cutting edge anti-ageing formulas, Dr. Raffaella Gregoris, BAKEL founder, focused her research on the 6 main ageing mechanisms. From this precious knowledge she developed advanced formulas that provide targeted action to effectively fight the damage caused to the skin by each mechanism. Each BAKEL anti-ageing product features a specific colour code displayed on the top of the packagings, that indicates the ageing mechanism that the formula helps counter.


The first ageing mechanism is oxidation caused by free radicals, indicated with a red square displayed on the top of some BAKEL bottles and packagings. In particular, we talk about the phenomenon of oxidative stress to indicate a condition of imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants, visible through the formation of wrinkles, skin thickening, loss of tone, skin dryness and spots. Environmental factors that can cause and amplify the phenomenon of oxidative stress are certainly smoking, pollution, ultraviolet rays and prolonged psychophysical stress. For this reason, it is essential to include at least one product in your beauty routine that acts effectively against oxidation caused by free radicals.


The second mechanism that causes skin ageing is the loss of cellular hydration, indicated with by a purple square on the top of BAKEL products. The lack of a sufficient supply of water in the skin causes a decrease in its tone which results in a drained appearance: wrinkles become more visible and the skin surface becomes dry and rough, elasticity is clearly reduced and a process of flaking and cracking of the skin is observed. The causes that can induce dehydration of the stratum corneum are age, genetic predisposition, the use of products containing surfactants, climatic factors such as wind, cold, low humidity, UV radiation and contact with water. In these cases, it is important to re-establish the water and lipid content of the skin and increase the presence of substances that retain water, such as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.


BAKEL identifies the loss of skin tone and gravity effect as the third mechanism of skin ageing, indicated with a deep blue square. In fact, the ageing process inexorably induces physiological alterations in the components and functions of the skin. In particular, there is a decrease in collagen and elastin production, causing skin thinning: the first wrinkles are those caused by facial expressions and contractions which, becoming repeated, are imprinted on the underlying dermis which is simultaneously losing tone. With the loss and alteration of collagen and elastic fibers, the tissues begin to relax, the skin loses its support and the oval of the face begins to lose structure. It is therefore necessary to act with specific products containing biomimetic peptides, that stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and cellular renewal in the epidermis.


The fourth mechanism responsible for skin ageing is the progressive decrease in the skin defences, indicated with the aqua green square on BAKEL products. The skin represents our defensive barrier that protects us from the outside, however, with the ageing process the mitotic activity of the basal cells is reduced and the barrier function becomes less effective. We may therefore notice the onset of inflammation of the tissue, therefore redness, irritation or flaking of the skin. The attack of pathogenic microorganisms is also more likely in these circumstances and infections, such as mycosis, could also occur. It is therefore necessary to intervene with scientifically tested and effective products that can counteract this type of mechanism.


The fifth mechanism that accelerates the skin ageing process is the decrease in oily substances in the skin, identified by BAKEL with the dark green square. As the time goes by, the sebaceous production in the skin is reduced and there is a progressive increase in skin dryness, as well as a decrease in the lipid components of the skin. With dry skin and a decrease in sebum, the skin becomes inelastic and wrinkles become evident. For this reason, BAKEL has created specific products for each area of ​​the face and body, which can effectively counteract this problem and nourish the skin deeply, also thanks to the action of vegetable oils rich in ceramides.


The sixth ageing mechanism is indicated on the top of BAKEL products with an acid green square and it is called "slowing down of cellular turnover and sebum imbalance". In particular, with the ageing process there is an accumulation of dead cells, which leads to thickening and chromatic irregularities of the epidermis. The cells deposited on the stratum corneum, in fact, not only have a slower turnover, but retain melanin giving rise to more or less evident spots, especially on the hands and face. To counteract this phenomenon, it is essential to use products with an exfoliating action to remove dead cells and make the skin brighter and smoother, while promoting cellular renewal of the epidermis and stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis.

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